Iā€™m a HUGE fan of kyochon back in Korea (please come to Singapore kyochon!!! šŸ˜­) and I find it hard to find good Korean fried chicken in Singapore. But this one here at chirchir is pretty damn good!! Tried the garlicky and the spicy flavours, both of which were very tasty and saucey. The fried chicken itself was well battered while the meat was juicy and tender, not at all dry!! I liked that each piece of chicken was big so that the balance between the fried battered skin and the meat was just right šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼

Pro tip: Best shared amongst a few more friends to try more flavours! Do note that the servings are huge. Will be back to try the honey butter flavour which I could totally smell from the adjacent table. MMMM. But give the jjimdak a miss - we got the spicy and it was wayyy tooooo spicyyyy to eat more than 3 mouthfuls.