Checked out the new Steep at Dunlop Street — a new cafe that is within walking distance from Rochor MRT Station that serves up usual cafe staples ranging from breakfast plates, eggy dishes, pasta and small plates — the cafe also serve up a beverages such as specialty coffee, tea and bottled juices as well.

Can’t fathom how some folks can bear expectations of how the food could have carried a similar monochromatic theme as the decor of the cafe (what are you eating anyway?), but the French Toast here does certainly looked the part considering the splash of colours from the fruits included — looked pretty appealing. This was pretty much a textbook definition of a French Toast here; bread that is soaked in egg wash for a slight eggy flavour, whilst coming with fruits such as blackcurrant, kiwi and strawberries for a slight refreshing zing — the fruits being relatively fresh and not overly sour, though the chewiness of the granola may not work well with some who prefers their granola to be more on the crunchy side. Whilst the Honey Thyme Syrup was a nice touch considering how it attempts to incorporate a herb-y note to the dish (seemingly a trend these days), I do wish that they would use actual honey of a more floral nature (acacia honey, perhaps?) that would further elevate the dish — the syrup somewhat “cheapened” the feel of the item, whilst also being rather strong on the notes of thyme that felt a tad odd to be had with a sweet item considering how thyme would usually compliment a savoury item more.

It seems that Steep does seem to have a bit of potential given the set-up; a spot that has seemingly placed quite a bit of emphasis on the environment to ensure that patrons do feel comfortable and at ease within the surroundings. That being said, we felt that the food was rather average — likely due to the quality of the ingredients used; perhaps also due to us ordering the wrong items. But in all fairness, Steep does work well as a good hangout for those who are not too picky with what they are having — just probably need to have some expectations managed with regard to the food served.