Used Burrple beyond 1 for 1, and got the below 2 items:

Would definitely NOT return for the 2 items above. Both my partner and I are chocolate lovers, and we have our fair share of chocolate pastries, ice cream and drinks.
The brownie crumbled into pieces upon cutting, and it tasted so floury. The trifle on one of the tiers of the platter was really hard, and the cream had this sour taste which both of us couldn’t appreciate.

All in all, the only saving grace was the mocha.

Would definitely not be back for the above 2 items mentioned. With that being said, other patrons seem to be enjoying their ice cream and cakes, so might probably head back to other outlets to try them (since the customer service here was really bad as well 🤷🏻‍♀️ Taka outlet has really nice staffs #justsaying)