Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi imports their buckwheat soba and dry bonito direct from Japan and unsurprisingly the soba was pretty good.

The Hot Mentai Cream soba ($17, additional $2 for extra noodles) came in a massive bowl that was more than enough for two of us with our additional orders of tempura. Made with fresh cream, dashi, with seasoned cod roe, it was comfortingly creamy but light and not at all gelak. Only wished there were more distinct little crunch from the mentaiko, which was present only when we were slurping it by the bowl.

The tempura here deserves a mention, with light crunchy Tempura batter, covering each ingredient perfectly before being fried till golden without greasiness. The juiciness of the chicken (2pcs for $5) was retained, and I particularly liked the sweet crabstick (3pcs for $3). Prawn (2pcs for $6) was not bad, crunchy, but somehow seemed a tad soggy.
Will definitely be back for the mentai cream soba!!