Pretty bad experience, i had my birthday dinner over here. We have ordered egg truffle & mousseline, crab meat angel hair and nagono pork rack. The egg truffle were making me & my bf vomit, perhaps it simply does not suit our taste; we keep our faith on main course. Then we try on crab meat angel hair, I would say it was the most "okay" one in our meal, but yet, it taste so normal, not really impressive. Lastly, our Nagono pork rack, we were so disappointed with this, the pork wasn't well marinated and the meat was so hard and difficult to chew, felt so disappointed. Our total bill : 64 dollar. And so.... My birthday dinner doesn't ended in a good way. It's really important for a sincere review for their improvement or for others have a better idea on choosing the right dinner place. Thats all for today! Hope they will have more improvement soon!

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