I love DIY-ing my meals. This is one of my favourite places to eat clean at because the food here tastes great & I honestly don't even realize I'm eating healthy food.

At $11.95 nett for a standard DIY bento, the ingredients are so plentiful that I feel so stuffed (& happy that I really got my money's worth). This is why I keep coming back.

My choice--
1 Protein: Teriyaki Chicken
1 Complex Carbs: Air Fried Tater Tots
2 Supplements: Honey Wakame 🍯 + Roasted Chickpeas
& a bed of mesclun salad 🥗

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬️ Air conditioned seats only
🆒 Halal certified
📶 No WiFi available
🙋 No service charge or GST
💦 Self-service lemon-infused water