We got the 1 for 1 main dish comprising of the Mojito Chicken and the Vegetariana Burger and not in the photo - Empanadas, Happy Hour Asahi half pint and House Red Wine.

I liked the burger as it wasnt too heavy, and it came with sweet potato fries as well. I fell in love with the dipping sauce although I can't quite put the name of it even though it tastes so familiar. My friend did say the Mojito Chicken was just ordinary and wasnt able to eat it much. We did enjoy the Empanadas thoroughly though! It was really delicious and really filled, plus the sauce was a good addition too, albeit it could be more!

The only thing I wasnt too fond off was having to scream to my friend sitting in front of me just to hold a conversation. But all in all, I will recommend visiting the place, I will definitely be back nonetheless!

Damage done:

☆ Vegetariana Burger ($18)
☆ Mojito Chicken ($24)
☆ Empanadas ($14)
☆ Asahi Half pint ($5)
☆ House Red Wine ($17)
☆ Water ($2) *

*The water comes in a fruit infused jug and can be refillable!