It’s been a while since I had frog porridge! We decided to venture beyond the usual Chinatown/Geylang options and try the highly-raved Hong Chang Eating House (2 Braddell Road) a few weeks back.

The star of the show is definitely the Claypot Frog ($8 for one, $13 for two, $16 for three, $22 for four). We opted for ginger spring onion style and the frog legs are super tender, fragrant and delicious, and it goes very well with the plain porridge. Regretted ordering 2 instead of 3 *cries*

Apart from frog porridge, there is also an array of zichar dishes to choose from, and we had Sambal Stingray ($10-$20), Thai-Style Clams ($9 for small), Butter Squid ($9 for small) and Sambal Kangkong ($6 for small). The chilli dishes are not very spicy but they are quite flavourful and goes well with the porridge - the sambal kangkong has a nice wok hei as well. However, you might want to skip the butter squid as it is quite tough/overcooked~

While the frog porridge is very good, I don’t know if I will brave the extremely long queue just to have this again:P Nonetheless, enjoyed this dinner!