Carne has garnered much of a hype of social media leading up to the opening of its space at Telok Ayer Road — with the concept being brought by a chef who is ranked 1st in the world in the World 50 Best Restaurants 2019, there is much to expect from what they have to offer purely on the credentials alone.

There are other more exciting offerings on the menu, such as the Beef and Chimichurri Burger and Veggie Burger, but we found ourselves going for the Classic Burger for we were craving for something simple, and looking to share a smaller item given how we stuffed ourselves pretty badly at Le Matin Patisserie before heading here. Featuring elements such as Butter Bun, Natural Grass-Fed Beef, Local Oak Lettuce, Organic Tomato and Organic Red Onion, one could tell that Carne places a lot of emphasis on the freshness of the produce here. Liked how the butter bun here is soft and fluffy — light in texture but still sufficiently dense without being too airy; lightly buttered for flavour, while the various condiments being all fresh with the tomatoes providing a refreshing, juicy tang while the onions were sliced thinly for a zingy crunch and the leafy greens dressed in a thousand island dressing sans the creaminess balancing things out between the carbs and meaty elements. The beef patty was done exceptionally well; medium-rare with a pinkish centre — slightly smoky, aptly savoury with all the juiciness of the meat locked within, and being simply on-point being tightly-packed with a good bite and a consistent texture free or fatty or veiny bits.

Whilst opting for a set is a hefty upgrade at $10.00 for a side of fries and soft drink/mineral water, do go for the Triple Cooked Agria Fries as a ala-carte side at $8.90 to share if dining with a friend and if drinks isn’t a must-order — to call these fries are probably illegal given how these were thickly-cut like chips. Exceptionally crisp with its shattering golden brown batter on the exterior, the chips are especially addictive when had with their hot sauce; a more piquant concoction than the usual chili sauce that tingles the taste buds.

A meal at Carne isn’t particularly cheap — especially when consider it’s almost fast-food/casual diner setup that some may call it a more upscale Shake Shack in terms of the ambience; most burgers do cost upwards of $18 (except the Veggie Burger and the Junior Cheese Burger; the latter being the lowest-priced at $13), not to mention the hefty price to add fries and soft drinks/mineral water to make it a set. That being said, Carne probably is the burger joint that nails everything down right from their burgers to their fries to the drink — the meal is utterly satisfying despite not being particularly affordable; a spot I would visit once in a blue moon should I splurge on an exceptionally good burger, almost akin to BurgerLabo to a certain extent. Still, somewhere worth checking out if one is willing to part with the money for some seriously stellar burgers!