Szwechuan, not Sichuan, because this has a Japanese twist. Which explains why we found the zing of Sichuan peppercorn not as stinging as usual here, and the spiciness could be amped up more for our Sichuan-exposed tastebuds. If you ignore this, the mapo tofu, with its silky softness and flavourful braised gravy is a more than satisfying meal for day to day.
Those who want best of both worlds can take this half-half set of Dan Dan noodles (soup/dry - my pref was for the dry with more concentrated flavours) and Mapo Tofu Donburi with a drink ($10.80). CBD folks be warned, there's usually a lunch queue (not least because of the ordering system). Created by Michelin-starred chef Jap chef Chen Kentaro. Wouldn't mind returning actually. But oh skip the sheng mian if any thoughts are entertained around it.