Being one of the items I really wanted to try considering the rave reviews of it before Patisserie Platine had ceased operations at Renku Lounge during the revamp of Waku Ghin previously, I was rather bummed learning the fact that they had previously only offered the Ghin Cheesecake as a cake exclusively available at Tetsuya in Sydney, Australia upon Patisserie Platine’s return with Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands. Was super glad that they had since brought the Ghin Cheesecake back to Waku Ghin recently as part of the cake selection for April 2021 — a welcomed return alongside other new cakes such as the Dark Chocolate Cremeux with Mint & Hazelnut, and Chocolate Choux with Orange & Earl Grey.

Decided to just drop by as a walk-in pax for the Ghin Cheesecake and thankfully they did have empty seats by the bar counter for the evening — and after a few light bites we found the Ghin Cheesecake sitting right in front of our eyes; the cake’s half spherical shape and the feather-shaped white chocolate piece being the iconic aesthetic that the cake now lives on. Coming with a lemon curd in the middle, that “feather” that sits atop the cake sets the expectations right — as though trying to symbolise how the Ghin Cheesecake is made to be as light as a feather; nothing too cloying here that we are used to from a standard cheesecake. Instead, the cream cheese mousse comes light and smooth; luscious but light in texture almost akin to whipped cream, but carrying a distinct note of savouriness and tanginess that makes the cream cheese mousse so satisfying on its own. In the middle, the lemon curd attempts to cut through the richness with its bright and tangy notes — refreshing, and makes the cake so easy on the taste buds. The details go right down to base; almost akin to a well-made tart base that cracks neatly as one pierces through it with the fork, yet coming with a decent thickness that stayed consistent with the smooth textures of the cake.

The Ghin Cheesecake is quite the experience, but my clear favourite would still lie towards the Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla & Macadamia — don’t get it wrong; the Ghin Cheesecake is great in its own right, but the Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla & Macadamia comes with a complexity and contrast that leaves a stronger impression even for one who is hardly a chocolate lover like I am. But there again, I do see why the Ghin Cheesecake has its fair share of fans — it’s clearly different from the usual; something which would appeal to those who loves lighter desserts with a slight zing.

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