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Over at Sun Ray Cafe, a pet-friendly establishment run by Parchmen & Co, you can order the collaborative dessert named Imagine Harmony. The dessert comprises of a scoop of Tie Guan Yin ice cream presented on a bed of sugared almond flakes, and is dressed with crushed coffee meringue, coffee white chocolate, and effervescent fruit salt. To be consumed like a “tea-ffogato” a small pot filled with cold brewed Tie Guan Yin is served alongside and best enjoyed together after dousing the elements with the concoction. Salty, sweet and nutty, I enjoyed the subtle sharpness of the fruit salt. Individually, the creamy consistency of the ice cream and the bittersweetness of the coffee also paired well but the elements might be a little overwhelming for some as a whole - a good option nonetheless as an after-meal treat.