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Hitting all the right notes with a symphony of the three classic flavours: rose, raspberries and lychee; Nesuto’s Miss Ispahan was simply stellar and naturally it is one of their all-time bestseller. A foolproof combination, the exquisite cake consist mostly of smooth Rose Bavaroise Mousse and at its very core are layers of fluffy Vanilla Sponge, Raspberry Gelee as well as Lychee Gelee. Hence, while light and well-balanced, the initial taste was predominately floral-y. However, as you get a bigger bite or get closer to the center, the delicate yet refreshing burst of fruity tanginess matched harmoniously with the sweetness of the lychee chunk perched at the top. And right at the bottom, the Brown Sugar Sable also offered a textural contrast and a fragrant somewhat buttery hint.