Creamier will always have my heart because it won my waffles & ice cream hunt 5 years back as a secondary school student, this was when Creamier was still a little cosy nook in the heart of TPY! Creamier keeps things fun with new flavours - when I heard about their collaboration flavour with @bakerybrera, a really awesome down to earth bakery, I couldn’t wait to try it.

Green tea, lemon curd and surprise bits of mille feuille, the intensity of the lemon curd took us by surprise (in a lovely way) with a hint of matcha. This one is definitely for lemon curd lovers!

If you’re like me and can’t choose - what is an indecisive person to do when faced with so many yummy flavours - check out the Creamier fun five where you can choose five flavours in a cute waffle bowl at $5.80. We just went for a Creamier classics bowl at $5.50.