Random search for a café to eat, no reservation and open early cos need to "zombie walk" the whole day..
Not a fan of brunch but seems like it is the only option at 10 am..
Oven baked molten eggs: the signature dish of the café; 2 eggs with oozy yolk on a tortilla and covered with a blanket of melted cheese; served with salad, smoked salmon and avocado, all my favorites in a dish; add on toast; toast a little oily though..
Grilled chicken and avocado on whole wheat toast: Haven't really eaten a whole wheat toast; texture a little different; quite generous filling; a heavier taste but not get tired of it; chips as sides; but I would prefer a coleslaw or potato salad instead cos I don't like to eat chips..
Cranberries and hazelnut bun: there's chocolate inside; mostly cranberries; tasted not too bad; a little hard to bite off..
Berries bagel: A tinge of sweetness; soft inside; not too dry..
Espresso: was told to order Long Black coffee but when walk to counter, espresso came to my mind; double shot by default; choose from 2 different coffee beans which I've no idea about; never judge a coffee by it's size; instant mind "blink" with a sip; still I'm not coffee person; worth to try for coffee lover as recommended by "kopi-o kosong gau" lover.. Overall a super filling brunch in my life; and I guess that's the purpose of brunch (food for 2 meal).. Super lots of carbohydrate meal for a start.. Best to share cos 1 main course is a little filling by default; and things come in pairs for sharing also..
*p.s.: picture not well taken cos my eyes is so sleepy and hands no strength to lift and take properly.. need sleep to recharge.. tomorrow will be a better day ---> for food photo.. 🤔
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