Another week, another spot to get my bubble tea fix, and this time it was at Bober Tea!

With Bober Tea’s extensive menu, having something off the Brown Sugar Series is a no-brainer for me. An instant classic made with their unique blend of fresh tea leaves with milk, the Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea ($3.80/M, $4.80/L) was well-balanced and none too sweet. The pearls were warm, chewy-soft, and the brown sugar syrup imparted a lingering caramel flavour to the concoction.

For something light, the Hokkaido Chizu Matcha ($4.50/M, $5.50/L) combines fresh milk, Uji Matcha, and their signature cheese cap - Hokkaido Chizu. Mild, mellow with a slightly sweet aftertaste, the blend doesn’t taste too earthy and was overall pretty refreshing. Similarly, their Fragrant Taro Latte ($3.90/M) was smooth, creamy, and gently flavoured.

Do note that islandwide delivery is available~

Thank you @boberteasg for the drinks!

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