$6.45 (12.90 / 2 because of the 1 for 1 special; otherwise, there’s always 1 for 1 on Burpple; or some discount on eatigo), excluding GST and service charge.

My boyfriend and I love love LOVE the noodles at eventasty. We first stumbled upon this store in funan - and our lives are changed forever!!! We would always have cravings for their noodles. It’s a no brainer that we are going to have the noodles everytime we are at funan.

While the outlet at century square is bigger and nicer, the food seems to be lacking in comparison to the one at funan. The tomato soup was slightly oiler and lacks the complexity that is present in the funan outlet.

Same goes for the dry noodles (next post). The mushroom sauce seems to be lacking something. Either that, or it’s not enough mushroom sauce.

The team captain at funan was also much friendlier and nicer. Would just go back to the one at funan even though we have used up all the burpple vouchers. Anyways, there’s always discounts in eatigo! It’s super worth la!!! And so delicious (only at funan)

Also, the menu is smaller here in center square. They have the Wagyu cubes in funan which is more delicious than the beef shank. Aiya you get the memo - just go to the outlet at funan!!!