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Priced at $14.90++, Sprigs offers one of the best and most affordable lunch sets that I have come across near my school. Each set comes with a soup of the day and a glass of gourmet iced tea. My Surf & Turf consisted of a pan fried boneless chicken thigh, wagyu beef steak and a garlic buttered prawn. All of them were pleasing to the palate, special mention goes to the steak cause who doesn't love wagyu? The Duo Salmon Spaghettini on the other hand, done al dente and the salmon wasn't overdone. The creamy tomato sauce complemented the salmon and pasta really well, both aesthetically and in terms of taste. Sprigs also changes their lunch set menu on a fortnightly basis, so regulars do not have to worry about eating the same old dishes over and over again. Check out their menu on their website at and note that Ala Carte dishes are not available during lunch. Let's see if my hectic school schedule allows me to become a regular here.

Good choice!