I really like Honolulu Cafe's polo buns, given how the cookie crusts are crunchy and sweet with an adequate fragrance to them. However, my gripe with them would be the dryness of the interior of the bread, and Honolulu Cafe has successfully found a delicious way to override the dryness: by adding everyone's favourite icy treat, ice cream!

The polo bun comes with 3 scoops of taro ice cream and 2 pocky sticks. Although the ingredients are simple, they're constructed in a way that makes this polo bun look certifiably atas. With the addition of the ice cream, the bread did not taste dry at all. The polo top was crispy and sweet, though the sweetness of the ice cream did drown out a bit of the cookie fragrance, so I'd prefer to eat them separate.

The ice cream has a pretty evident taro taste, though a gripe I have with it would be the overly icy texture, which was a bit of a mix between ice kacang and actual ice cream. Generally that did not diminish the taro flavour but I'm personally a fan of creamier ice creams.

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