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Pi pa gao (ζž‡ζ·θ†) is a chinese cough syrup that I have been taking since young and I can't imagined it with milk tea! (Talk about creativity hur) As a curious baby (a nicer way to say kaypo), we specially made this trip to try this herbalmint milk tea aka pi pa gao milk tea that created a hype in the bubble tea community. Definitely a unique concoction, I was kinda confused at my first sip as it was not a taste that was easily recognised and I was trying to relate it. The milk tea washed the distinct flavour of the pi pa gao off which brings out the mintness from the pi pa gao only. No sugar was added to the milk tea as the pi pa gao itself was sweet enough which Woobbee got it right! It was not very sweet and I kinda enjoyed it. The herbalmint also came with a green tea option. If you like pi pa gao, I reckoned that you would enjoy this unique combi too!πŸ˜‰ ~M
πŸ’β€β™€οΈRate: 3.5/5
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