If you're ever curious about how the steamed buns are like in Indonesia, these are it!
Unlike in Singapore, the bread appears to be less white and texture-wise more fluffy. Most versions I've had in Indonesia uses ammonium bi-carbonate which I can't appreciate because it makes the buns smell and taste strongly alkaline, but thankfully this recipe doesn't (or at least I couldn't detect it).
While the charsiew is quite similar, the red bean (also known as tau sar there) is quite different. Its darker in colour, usually grainier in texture, and less sweet because they mix the beans with less oil and sugar. I don't think there's any ready-made packaged red bean paste you can buy off the shelves there, so every bakery has their own rendition of the bean paste. Thankfully, the one here wasn't too sweet and retained its wonderful earthy aroma. 😊

Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Utara I/B 66

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