Situated in the bustling area of SS15 Subang Jaya and also the newest competitor to the Subang Jaya burger scene is Spade's Burger. Spade's Burger specializes in Pork burgers but also serve beef, chicken, and non-meat burgers.

For the bacon lover, try the Burger of Steel. It's made up of a pork patty, 4 types of bacon, bacon sauce, cheddar cheese and vegetables. All in between 2 charcoal buns. You can also make it a combo which will come with a side and drink. Personally, I highly recommend the pork nuggets and bacon sauce. The cheese sauce is not bad but I feel it's too heavy for something as rich as pork nuggets.

The burger itself was not very impressive. But that is perhaps I felt it was a little too heavy. The taste of everything else has been overpowered by the bacon and in the end it just feels like eating bread and bacon. The pork patty was super juicy as I tried it on another burger. However, it was totally overshadowed by the powerful flavours of the bacon and was unable to shine through. The buns were not as soft as Burgerlabs and they tasted a little dry.

I might try the Orgashroom next time. But for now it will be quite a while until my next visit.

Verdict: 6/10