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This looks like yakitori, but it isn't. Yakitori is grilled chicken parts, but what they serve here are mainly grilled innards of a cow.
As an example, we had the Teppo, which is the rectum (see last photo). The menu also includes heart, tongue, liver, diaphragm, temple, gullet, colon, spleen, stomach, womb, intestines, throat, and brain.
Those charcoal grills on the meats (no, innards) were heavenly. Every diner stand around small tables or by the chef's counter, and skewers were served as soon as they're grilled, whichever is ready first. The skewers arrived randomly, so after a while it got so messy and we had no idea which part of the cow we were eating 😂
But this turned out to be one of my best meals in Tokyo, and it's my third favorite restaurant. The izakaya culture here is very strong, very local.

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