Even though Mother’s day passed, still have a reason to pamper and make your parent happy with Upcoming Father’s day.

Feature :.
💕Pan-seared foie gras with crispy beancurd skin wrapped with crepe from Crystal Jade Palace.
💰 $16.80 per serving.
It’s a twist from the common roast duck.
Foie gras served with a sweet sauce that used commonly for roast duck, wrap it with crepe. 💕Deep-fried grouper fillet stuffed with prawn paste tossed with crispy garlic from Crystal Jade Kitchen.
💰$26.80 / 4pcs.
Deep fried fresh fish fillet topped with prawn paste served with plenty of deep fried crispy garlic.
It’s my favourite, tasty, fragrant and love the texture of bouncy grouper and tender flesh. 💕Supreme Fried rice with prawn, bacon and lychee wrapped in lotus leaf from Crystal Jade Palace.
The fried rice contains prawn,bacon and lychee but i would very much prefer it without the lychee as the sweet and savoury flavours are clashing with one another. My ideal fried rice is one that is simply fried with egg to truly taste the wok-hei aroma.

Parents day promotion available until 30 June 2019. .
📍Crystal Jade Dining IN.
1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-112.
Vivo City.