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Wow I haven’t been on this app for a long long time... But anyway. Tried Teppei Syokudo a couple of days ago while I was at ION.

I custom made my own small bowl ($12.60) which has x2 servings of salmon sashimi + avocado.

The food was good in general. Both the seafood + avocado were very fresh.

However, I felt that the bowl was super small... I generally am a pretty small eater, but even for me I felt that I had to purposely slow down on my meal because it seemed like it was disappearing damn quickly?! If I ate at my regular speed, I think I would be done in 3 minutes.

Wow I sound like a monster pig.

Overall, would probably go back, but maybe not make my own custom bowl again. I’ll probably order one of their signature bowls. Maybe that would be cheaper 🤑

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