1 Jan’19, Tue⛅️
📍Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles
- Chicken Dry Flat Noodles (雞肉乾拌麵 - 大寬)🍜

While it’s famous for its beef noodles (as the shop name suggest), went for their dry chicken noodles instead...

Opted for their flat noodles (8 types of noodles for u to choose from), with chilli, leek and coriander...

It’s not as spicy as I expected (much less spicy than ur McSpicy), pretty like how it taste and the springiness of the noodles, just that the chicken is a little too oily to my likings (believed to be pan fried), otherwise, it would have been perfect...

Each main comes with a free side dish, which is quite tasty too, quite a steal for the price!

I would defo visit them again~

Note: My friends went for their beef noodles and almost all said nice and even some went back again! The beef is pretty tender from what I know, beef lover can try this out, noodles lover can also try this for I really find their noodles yum!

Damage: $10.48