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I've been wanting to try this for the longest time and I'm so happy I finally gotten around to it when we were looking for dessert.
And I am pleased to say their froyo didn't disappoint! It wasn't too sweet at all which I really appreciated, and you still get the very slightest tanginess from the yoghurt. Toppings were pretty good too, I'd recommend the choco wafer sauce to add a good amount of sweetness and texture and the popping bubbles which were really fun to eat (though I'd probably not get the strawberry ones again), while the brownie brittle was too hard and didn't have much of a flavour. I wish they had more fresh fruit toppings, or perhaps they had already sold out because I came really late. Cheers to the friendly girl behind the counter for giving me a generous amount; froyo is always kind of a "see luck" situation when it comes to serving size, and I guess I was really lucky that day☺
Oh and apparently their yoghurt has more health benefits (detoxifying etc.) too because it contains charcoal, which isn't too huge an edge for me, but certainly a cherry on top of the icing.