📍The Masses📍
💸 C&C&C&C Pasta (main size): $19.90
💸 Duck Confit: $18.90
💸 The Masses Lu Rou Fan: $16.90
💸 The Masses Ramen: $20.90
💸 Char Siew Lamb Rib Rice Bowl: $18.90
💸 Morel & Ikura: $13.90
💸 Mix Bread: $3.50
💸 Mix Umami Butter & Caramel Kaya: $3.50
💸 Mimolette Cheese Carrot Cake: $9
Mother’s Day feasting continues with delivered food from The Masses - affordable french cuisine with an asian flair and happy food for our tummies🤰Pretty much enjoyed almost every dish but some really stood out more than the others. The C&C&C&C Pasta was a personal favourite, with that rich and decadent sauce. We would have love to inhale an entire portion by ourselves but with that rich flavour profile, it’s best if it remains as a sharing dish😂 Also enjoyed the duck confit with its crispy skin and paired with “wok hey” rice noodles but if only we could have a bit more of the rice noodles...Special mention goes to the unami butter and caramel kaya🧈- omg only ordered a small portion to go with the bread but hitting ourselves hard right now for not ordering the big bottles of butter so we could dip our spoons into and have them anytime we want🤤

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