@linorestaurant Lamb Ragu Garganelli (additional $3 to the $28++ 3 course set lunch) is a remarkably rich dish that’s a little more complex than its homely presentation would suggest. Besides the hearty tomato ragu that has chunks of fork tender lamb as its meat base, there’s an overwhelming abundance of garganelli pasta and some eggplant caviar somewhere in that pasta.⠀

The sauce base was a little more on the sour side, which may have been an attempt to mask the natural gaminess of the lamb. It worked, but Lino may have overdone it al little with the sourness. There’s still a bit of that powerful flavour lingering around to remind you that you’re still eating lamb, but the muskiness is muted. Still, if you’re really finicky about that, you might wanna give this a miss. One improvement that could be made is to portion more lamb into the pasta, so you don’t end up in a situation where you plough through nothing but pasta. It’s not a bad thing when the garganelli is cooked to perfection, but it can get pretty monotonous real quick.

I’m not sure what the eggplant caviar does for this dish, but it was lost on me. Still, there’s zero doubt that this plate of al dente (hopefully housemade) garganelli pasta was absolutely ambrosial with the redolent ragu. Its tubular, rigatoni like structure traps more sauce than any other pasta would, and that’s just plain genius. The lavish shaving of parmesan cheese on top adds a mildly milky & sexily stretchy segment to the rich pasta. Seriously, who doesn’t love cheese?⠀

Trust me fam, this plate of pasta doesn’t look or sound particularly appealing, but you gotta try this at least twice. Better yet, wash it down with a $10++ glass of housepour red wine. Yep, it’s $10++ at happy hour, which just so happens to be all day every day. Noice.