There was a choice between the herb crusted lamb rack and wagyu cheek rendang for the 3rd course, but if you arenโ€™t a fan of either, you can request for it to be changed to a pork as well. I went with the herb crusted lamb rack, which was constructed with a substantial piece of lamb rack that had lemon verbena and hazelnut on its crust, which helped to reduce the gamey notes with a refreshing citrusy herbaceous taste. Below, there was raspberry purรฉe and smoked lamb jus, but surely it was the raspberry sweetness that tuned the dish to a sweet one. In fact, the staff was meticulous to notify me that the lamb rack was cooked till medium rare and that it could be further cooked if I found the gaminess unsuitable. Though it looked slightly bloody, the lamb rack was actually quite tender and turned out to be more pleasant than expected.

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