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For someone who is very into noodles with soup, I'm also strangely liking this Mazesoba concept very much. Here I am trying the original one ($12.80++) at Kajiken - this one has bamboo shoots & a slice of pork included in it.

The flavour is very different from the other Original one that I first tried at Menya Kokoro, which apparently (according to this menu) is Taiwan Mazesoba Nagoya Style. This has more of a porky ramen flavour. I can't decide which type I like, both are delicious in their own way.

One bonus here is that additional noodles (i.e. "upsize") is free! So of course I said yes to that. The downside is that it's cash terms only, so make sure you have enough dough on ya.

Will return here; I'm pretty sure this isn't the last of my Mazesoba adventures!

πŸ’· Accepts cash only
🌬 Air-conditioned seats available
β˜€ Al fresco seats available
πŸ“Ά No free WiFi