🥮A Little Eggsighted.
the smooth texture of premium white lotus paste coupled with a golden egg yolk.
🥮Are you Nuts?
brings an earthy orchestra of almonds, walnuts, white sesame, sunflower seeds, melon seeds and pine nuts.
🥮The Moonshot.
Bronte pistachios and citrusy flavours of candied orange zest blend perfectly with the filling of fragrant black sesame paste.
🥮Love is Everywhere.
Aromatic almond lotus paste,with generous bits of Chinese almonds, salted sakura cherry blossoms, peach and apricot slices..

💰$88 nett (box of 4).

Enjoy a special launch discount of 15% each box from now till 30th August 2020.

For enquiries :

💕contact 92339160/98436577.
💕 fill in Form at @minervapassion.
💕Walk in are available at restaurant Nouri.
💕Online are available at Appetite on https://shop.appetitesg.com/

72 Amoy Street.