Bubble tea is legit nice and very reasonably priced (came in a 700ml cup and includes free pearls), staff were very kind and friendly. Ordered Tan Milk Tea (activated charcoal with oolong) - 25% was just nice, tea taste was robust and not overpowered by the milk. Taro Milk Tea (cannot choose sugar level) - it's sweeter than Tan Milk Tea but acceptable too (I usually drink 0 or 25% sugar), the Taro flavour was wonderfully strong and not diluted like some other brands. Both cups came with free brown sugar pearls, which were still warm and had an excellent chewy texture. When the staff realised that the pearls were missed out in our initial order, they were very kind and generous to offer to replace the entire cup for us. Will definitely visit again, great spot to chill in Hougang. :D