A first in the country, the impressively true-to-life, crunchy β€˜Fried Chicken’ comprises a creamy and delightfully icy core of @swensenssingapore signature ice cream – a fun contrast to the piping hot, savoury profiles that one would expect. The exciting treat is thoughtfully handmade, and coated with an indulgent chocolate shell covered in golden feuilletine and crispy cornflakes to resemble fried chicken skin, as well as stars an entirely edible bone made with chocolate biscuit. Three flavours are now available – classic π•πšπ§π’π₯π₯𝐚, best-selling π’π­π’πœπ€π² π‚π‘πžπ°π² π‚π‘π¨πœπ¨π₯𝐚𝐭𝐞 and fan-favourite π‚π¨π¨π€π’πžπ¬ β€˜πβ€™ π‚π«πžπšπ¦!
Available in two options: β€˜Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream Pint (2 pieces, $12.80) as well as Box of β€˜Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream (8 pieces, from $44.80), they are available for purchase from Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets islandwide as well as for delivery via @grabfoodsg , @deliveroo_sg and @foodpandasg .

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