Happiness is as simple as π”Ήπ•π•’π•”π•œ π•’π•Ÿπ•• π•Žπ•™π•šπ•₯𝕖. Especially when it comes in the form of sensory pleasures that is the @abseil.coffee πŸ–€π˜½π™‘π™–π™˜π™  π˜Ύπ™§π™šπ™–π™’ π˜Ώπ™–π™˜π™¦π™ͺπ™€π™žπ™¨π™šπŸ–€ ($8.00/pc).

I'm not usually a fan of π˜½π™‘π™–π™˜π™  π™Žπ™šπ™¨π™–π™’π™š (𝙆π™ͺπ™§π™€π™œπ™€π™’π™–), but I'm so glad that I gave this strikingly beautiful Black Beauty a chance.

Sandwiched between 2 slices of spongy π˜Ώπ™–π™˜π™¦π™ͺπ™€π™žπ™¨π™š that was slightly crispy on the outside, was a smooth monochromatic pairing of aromatic π˜½π™‘π™–π™˜π™  π™Žπ™šπ™¨π™–π™’π™š (𝙆π™ͺπ™§π™€π™œπ™€π™’π™–) πŸ–€ piped among π™Žπ™–π™‘π™©π™šπ™™ π™ˆπ™žπ™‘π™  π™‚π™–π™£π™–π™˜π™π™š πŸ§‚πŸ₯›with hidden π™ˆπ™€π™˜π™π™ž 🍑 nestled within.

Neither too sweet nor overpowering, this little morsel paired remarkably well with their signature π˜Όπ™—π™¨π™šπ™žπ™‘ β˜•πŸ–€ ($9.00), which was executed with a deliciously floral yet refreshingly tart π™”π™žπ™§π™œπ™–π™˜π™π™šπ™›π™›π™š πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ selection on the day of visit. Highly recommend this pairing for folks who want a little of everything, without overloading the senses...
Thank you 𝑴𝒂𝒏 and π‘ͺπ’‰π’π’Š for the amazing hospitality and recommendations as usual! πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™€οΈβ˜•β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ