The team has come up with an outlet exclusive weekend brunch menu, titled Around the World, which showcases 12 different dishes that pay homage to the featured cuisines. The fastest and easiest flight routes to these holiday destinations now might just be via this passageway.

From Asia to Europe, the chefs have added their personal touch to each of the dish based on their travel recollections while yet retaining its authenticity and flavour. Our two favourites happened to be the Vegemite Avocado Scrambled Egg Toast, inspired from the Australian cafe scene and Bibim Naengmyeon from Korea. The former has the umami flavour from the yeast spread which complemented with the creamy scrambled eggs and avocado on toast, a nutritious and hearty brunch fare while the latter is an interpretation of the Naengmyeon dish but instead of buckwheat noodles, cold capellini pasta that’s coated in gochujang is used as the base of a bibim which is topped with grilled beef, vegetables and boiled egg.

Other “countries” that we have visited include the Huevos Pericos from Colombia, Chakchouka from Tunisia and Strandzhanka from Bulgaria.
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