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Dolma is fat because she’s full bodied, with luscious fruity notes like bananas, mangoes and oranges…and even a subtle hint of cloves. Fat Dolma is a double bock bolstered by dual fermentations of Belgian Abbey and German Wheat yeast. Start falling in love with Fat Dolma because pink is powerful.
"Dolma" is a common name for women of Tibetan origin, an
authentic aspect of Tibetan naming culture. Our "full-bodied" Fat
Dolma boasts hints of banana, mango, and orange, filling your mouth
with succulent, sweet, warm taste, rounded off with touches of malt
and cloves. With dual fermentations of Belgian abbey yeast and
German wheat yeast, as well as slightly hoppy undertones, this
voluptuous double bock is guaranteed to give your senses a field day
on the Tibetan plateau.

Story: The name “Dolma” is originally derived from an ancient Tibetan
Buddhist goddess, who, in Tibetan, is also named “Tara”. According
to Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, she is the goddess of mercy and
deliverance, striving to eliminate the pain of the world with her
wisdom. “Dolma” is the most common name in the Tibetan language.
She has acclimatised to strenuous life on the highlands, building a
strong character distinguished by diligence. The traditional Tibetan
women works industriously to care for her family, shows gentle love
towards her husband, and adopts a kindly presence when among her
children. She is the clever daughter of her parents, an experienced
shepherd on the pasture, a hard-working farmer on the fields, and a true goddess in the heart of every Tibetan.
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