The teh latte is their ‘star’ drink and for good reason. When you first read the description of power teh latte you might be a little surprised at how they describe teh bing lol but it is extremely accurate! It’s light, rich and has just the right amount of sugar to enjoy the tea itself. Not as nutty as I’d like but it was a really enjoyable cup of teh bing. The kind of tea leaves they used tasted more like red tea instead of black tea (i.e a lot lighter on the palate). [$4]

The cafe latte is quite surprising also. It’s a sub standard version of Arabica’s spanish latte and i’m not complaining at all. At the time that I went, their flavour was speculoos. Hence the hint of chocolate and caramel in the coffee itself. The bitterness of the cocoa was the main taste for me and i definitely dug it. [$4.70]

overall an 8/10 for me. and i would definitely come back here again. when there’s a promo or when i can use burpple. if not, I’d really only come here if i’m craving for this particular taste and combination in a tea or coffee.