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Given my recent addiction to Izy Fook, I popped by Roast Paradise’s other collab and was as pleased with their roast pork and char siew. It’s easy to say “oh you like Roast Paradise anyway so it’s not a surprise to enjoy Fook Kin”; but what most don’t realise is maintaining consistency, especially across multiple eateries, is so so challenging. Take that fabulous standard of quality control and the resulting succulent roast meats, it’s simply impossible not to have every meal end in sheer bliss. If you can’t down so much meat though, I’d definitely suggest giving the char siew a go. You can find lots of good roast pork around Singapore — not that that downplays how good Fook Kin’s is — but I feel it’s not as easy to find char siew done as fantastically as theirs.

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