We were walking around finding snacks/desserts stalls. We chanced upon this Hum Jin Peng stall with a long queue. The only info available at the stall front was that the hum jin pengs were sold at 6 for $1. A quick search online yielded the result that this was a stall with an interesting experience as customers fry, pick and pack your own dough fritters! (it started off as goodwill, customers helping the busy owners. But it lasted as a tradition haha) It was indeed nerve wrecking at first as we didn't know what to do. So firstly, you tell the stall owners your orders. You then help to flip the dough fritters in the oil to cook them until they are golden brown in colour. If you need help differentiating between the red bean and salted ones, the aunty can help you. You then dip your red bean humjinpeng into the sweet sugar flour mixture. Pack them 6 into a paper bag, and take your own plastic bag! We had so much fun until we almost forgot to pay the money before we walked off πŸ˜‚ the uncle here was v jovial and friendly, and he made a comment that they weren't making money out of this business! Between the two dough fritters I tried, I prefer the red bean ones! #burpple #burpplesg #maxwell #maxwellfoodcentre #humjinpeng #food #foodiesg #sgfoodie #whati8today #8dayseat #vscofoodie #iweeklyfood #foodporn #foodstagram #vscofood #foodphotography #sgmakan #sgmakandiary #sgfoodstagram #singaporeeats #exploresingaporeeats #exploresg #whatsgoodhere #sgfoodie