Don't expect the kind of sinful Prawn Head flavour that comes with those dark brown soups. This bowl of goodness from Quan Ann Prawn Mee 全安蝦麵 (#02-11) has a lighter broth than what I am used to, but still refreshing- & probably slightly healthier also (don't quote me tho lol). Infinitely better than the tasteless "healthier choice" Tiong Bahru Market Prawn Mee that I queued 20 mins for.

A regular bowl is priced at $3, but we upsized to a $5 bowl & I guess my bottomless pit of a stomach served me well, because I ate so many prawns (everyone else was so full, nobody wanted to continue eating) & tender pork slices..... I even nicked some from our neighbouring Burpple table because #dontwaste #buibuitotherescue. So yes, this is testament to how much I enjoyed this.

As Amanda showed us around the market after we were done gobbling our food (this was our 2nd stop on her #TastyTastemakerTour), she pointed out that these 2 stalls sell out pretty quick, so come in the mornings to get your fix. True enough, when we were walking around, they were actually closed already 😲