So while I do like recommending places to have good food (and bad food), I also like to talk ABOUT food. Hence with my late arrival to the beauty of Chirashizushi, I'll just put this post out there.

Chirashizushi ( ちらし寿司) basiclly means scattered sushi and it's quite easy to see why. If you like sashimi and nigiri sushi, Chirashizushi is like a dream come true in a the form of mixed rice. What it is is basically vinegared rice (sushi rice) topped with... well... stuff.... the general rule is that the Kanto region (eg Tokyo) uses raw fish while the Kansai region uses vegetables and omelettes as a base (called Barasushi). Of course that is just a brief separation and different cities will have different styles. For example Osaka (kansai) styled barasushi has eel and root vegetables as well and even within the Kanto region, some use raw fish, some use octopus and the sorts. Also, not all Chirashizushi looks the same. Some have large pieces of raw meat while some are like mine. Once again, it's something that relies heavily on style. Kinda like how kimchi in different restaurants taste differently.

Granted, if you are a fan of nigiri sushi or sashimi, I suggest you give this a try. I, for one am hooked to this particular style as it gives me a bite of raw fish and vinegared rice in every bite. It actually is a really good rice to raw meat ratio.

And because it's my birthday, today's post is weird hahahaha

Happy birthday Esther Seletyn Chai 😄 Hope you are having a blast! 🎉🎉🎉
Veronica Phua thanks! Sadly I'm stuck studying for my finals paper tomorrow :( but oh wells ^_^
Celebrate after that 😄 Esther Seletyn Chai