Great chilli and pretty decent noodles (not WOW like come-daily Hokkien mee from TPY but really not too bad!) it would have been a recommendation but unfortunately the family’s first experience here was marred with poor customer experience.

Ordered the food via grab self-collection at 12pm. Upon arrival, my sister-in-law realised that collection was based on presence. Ie. if you’re not physically present, they’ll not proceed with preparation of your order (this totally defeats the “order and collect” concept of pre-order). As a result, my SIL was made to wait for another 20mins for food to be prepared.

During the 20mins wait, my SIL witnessed similar complaints from peeps who are in the queue, waiting for their orders to be prepared. 1 guy kicked up a fuss and hence received priority treatment to have his order prepared ahead of my SIL’s (which by then, was a good 30mins’ wait from order time)

With the poor customer service and queue management, it’s hard to bring ourselves back again! So once and never, 👋🏻