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The pork touched the sizzling hot grill, it's sugar was been forced out to the surface causing the char line. The high heat trapped all its juices inside the meat, leaving it juicy and tender.
Must eat with their spring onion sauce!

Handmade gum paste daisies on assortment flavored egg tarts
lime and black pepper spam fries ($priceless$) - bought an airfryer recently and this is my first attempt at making my fav spam fries.
gyoza was meh, but I like that eggy rice which I can't recall the name.
We become better versions of ourselves when we scrutinize our image in the mirror a little more。

The {Devil Cake} from @neobrownies with that silky almond coating.
Tasty nonya dish of Vegas and seasoned pork #burpple
Interesting dish of cow skin and braised meat with tempeh #burpple
Some bratwurst with a sourdough bread and mustard on the side.
Brazilian food.
Nicely deep fried shishamo!
Today's haul at the world street food fair #burpple
#GoodMorning #foodies!
#GoodMorning #foodies!