We decided to try this place in Geylang after driving past it a couple of times.
Opened in September 2021, the air-conditioned @fengtianxiaochu is modern-looking, bright and clean. It is situated on the main road, a few shop units away from the famous Lorong 32 Ban Mian. Their menu is quite extensive, with specialties from Sichuan, Hunan and Northeast Chinese, and even a few local style “zi char” dishes.
The two of us enjoyed all that we ordered in varying degrees (details below) and concluded we’d definitely return. Moreover, prices are reasonable here - our bill came to about $48, inclusive of a bottle of Tsingtao Beer ($6++).
Here is what @huatkaliao and I had:
1. Sichuan Cold Noodles ($8++) - The soft hand-pulled noodles were tossed in the same fragrant “mala” dressing typically used for pig’s ears and the like. I loved theirs for the proper numbing factor and well-calibrated spiciness.
2. Shredded Cabbage ($8++) - One of the best versions I’ve eaten in a long time! It was very aromatic as they stirfried the vegetable (every leaf was irresistibly juicy and crisp) with chunks of ginger and garlic. A must-order.
3. Scrambled Eggs with Tomato ($8++) - Not quite as impressive as the cabbage but decent enough for us to repeat it in the future. Might even try it with noodles next time.
4. Crispy Fried Pork ($14++) - Coated in flour then deepfried, the pieces of lean meat were a tad chewy but we didn’t mind. The sauce was more savoury (I think from soya sauce) than sweet, which is what I was hoping.
I already have my eye on a few items for our future visits. The “Di San Xian”, Lao Gan Ma Fried Rice, Fried Eggplant Pancake, Mapo Tofu and the whole BBQ section to name a few. They also seem to stock plenty of alcohol options from China, so something to take note of if that’s what you are into.

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