Switching to Korean food today due to a recent crazy obsession with my very first Korean idol ~ William Bruce Hammington.
Oh my goodness, the spicy stew pot with seafood, tofu, vegetables, runny egg and rice was so robust and tasty, I was continuously-slurping in the soup despite choking twice due to its level of spiciness (unfortunately, I have a low tolerance for spicy food). The seafood pancake with scallions also hits the spot. It was thin, crispy, non-greasy and loaded with plenty of fillings.
Did I mention that each of their complimentary side dishes consisting of kimchi, seasoned bean sprouts, macaroni salad, stir-fried anchovies, stir-fried fish cake and egg rolls was equally impressive and refillable too! We were mindlessly eating loads of it while waiting for our food to arrive. 😬

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