Aka honey ceylon pearl milk tea with pistachio ($5.80). And whipped cream that was in between the generous amount of pistachio bits and the milk tea.

Been wanting to try the drinks from Yanxi Tang but never had the chance, until today. There was simply too many choices available, so I decided to select from the top 10 bestsellers and I chose K1, which is this drink.

For some reason it didn't occur to me that the 'foam' with the pistachio bits would be whipped cream. But despite the whipped cream and the honey (which I can't taste..), the sweetness level is still alright. I like the strong tea flavour, which makes it a pretty decent cup of milk tea. And I like chewing the pistachio bits along with the chewy pearls.

I just need to take note that when there's no sizes stated for the top 10 bestsellers, I should have known that it would come in large size. Which would also explain the price.