💕Monga’s Prawn Mee Sua with Fish Maw.
Mee sua cooked over its in-house broth for two hours, served with fish maw slices, prawns, assorted mushrooms, shredded egg, coriander and a dash of chilli sauce and black vinegar,
💰 $7.90 a la carte/bowl.
💰$10.90 + Monga Juicy Chicken Thigh Cutlet.

💕Chicken Thigh Cutlet
Juicy Chicken Thigh Cutlet.
Comes with 2 options :
1️⃣The King dusted with original salt and pepper seasoning
2️⃣Hot Chick dusted with chilli paprika powder hand-made from Anaheim peppers
💰$9.90 a la carte.

💕 Crispy Chicken Wing (5pcs).
Avalaible in two flavours: The King or Hot Chick
💰 $3.90/ A la carte /10 pcs.
💰 $9.9 for Combo 5 pcs chicken wing with Prawn Mee Sua.

💕X2 Wintermelon Tung-ting Oolong Tea.
💰 $3.90 per cup