seoul the men meat yesterday and drank hite-ly.
$49.90++ charcoal fired dinner buffet at regent hotel. with a choice of 11 standard meats + 20 ala carte items, damn i say is really worthy! hits and misses with the meats (e.g. the bone-in galbi were tough yesterday) but if you stuff yourself silly like the 4 men did yesterday, you get your money back for sure! banchan variety is limited if not sad (was actually planning to whack silly on mung bean sprouts but there was none), thankfully what's there make up with good korean homey quality. the stews are comforting and you really wanna save some space for their fantastic korean pajeon! then wash and cool down your body korean style with a bowl of cold noodle! .

not inclusive in the buffet price is this 160g slab of beef striploin at additional $19 - beautiful marbling but was expecting more flavors, so a dash of salt helps
fair value, charcoal fired korean bbq sans the smell after leaving the restaurant? defo warrant another visit to better digest the menu again! thank you @lucaslzm for the recommendation!

I need to check out this place! Fabian Poon Lucas Lim