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Headed down to Ah Lock & Co. to give their newest rice bowl a try. Featuring deep-fried pork belly done in Hakka style, the Pork Belly is easy to chew whilst being crisp on the exterior — it carries a umami flavour, one distinct of fermented beancurd and five spices used in its marination. Accompanying the bowl is the sous-vide egg, as well as the cauliflower florets — the former being a little overdone considering how the yolk was no longer runny, though the latter was utterly genius; charred cauliflower florets that comes with crisp ends and a smoky note. Despite coming with the same mayo as the Hakka Tofu Bowl, the Hakka Pork Bowl may be a little dry to some; easily remedied by a slight drizzle of their house-made chili sauce available on the side.